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Professional & reliable services to determine your property value

Sentinel Valuations – what sets us apart?

Sentinel Valuations provides accurate and thorough services to help clients determine their property value. Our valuations are suited for clients that wish to sell their property with the full knowledge of its value. Our team is vastly skilled and experienced in this field, and ensures that the reports given are highly detailed, so clients can make an informed decision.


Sentinel Valuations is not associated to any single bank or property services company exclusively, but our services are available to a selection of diverse clients. We are a truly independent provider of valuation services, therefore ensuring that our expertise and outstanding service are always channelled to our clients through precise valuation reports. This is how we differ from other companies, and why we are the preferred property value experts.

Our other services include:

We offer valuations for the following types of property:

Property Valuation Types:

  • Commercial offices & retail
  • Industrial properties
  • Hotels & guesthouses
  • Filling Stations
  • Vacant Land
  • Residential Developments
  • Hospitals
  • Residential Dwellings
  • Variety of specialised properties

Plant/Machinery & Movable Assets Valuation Types:

  • Wine farm plant & machinery
  • Industrial plant & machinery
  • Filling Stations plant & machinery
  • Residential Dwellings content

For each valuation, our unrivalled services include:

  • The purchase and selling of fixed assets
  • Deceased Estates
  • Municipal Valuations Objections
  • Litigation purposes (Lawsuits, divorce estate, liquidations, insolvencies, etc.)
  • Annual fixed asset values for balance sheets and portfolio profiles
  • Rental determination
  • Insurance valuations (replacement cost)
  • Financial institutions (Mortgage, security, review, legal)
  • Feasibility studies on proposed developments.
  • Expropriation & Servitudes

For each client, we provide a fully motivated report in full compliance to the South African Council of Property Valuers Profession. This will be made available to you in electronic form, hardcopy if required, which will include the following information - if applicable:

  • General
  • Instruction
  • Title Deed and Town Planning information
  • Description of area
  • Site improvements, if any
  • Market related information on Rental Determination
  • Market related information on Capitalisation Rates
  • Certificate of Value
  • Calculations
  • Caveats
  • Photographs
  • SG Diagram/s of property
  • Replacement cost value

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